Weaving Looms

Weaving Loom Lubrication

Harness drive assemblies and jack stands have long been a source of loom downtime due to component wear that results from inadequate lubrication.

Most looms are factory-equipped with on-board lubrication systems that serve most but not all bearings and pivot points.  Problems usually center around the areas left to manual lubrication.

Our expansion kit for the existing oil systems on Sulzer looms delivers oil to components that have traditionally been given a splash of “hit-or-miss” oiling only during beam-outs.  The system ensures that harness drives and jack stands are continually lubricated during loom operation.  A major producer of woven primary and secondary carpet backing has experienced a significant reduction in the number of failed harness drive assemblies.

We also provide a 3-liter grease pump to automatically deliver grease through factory-installed remote delivery lines that are meant to be serviced manually through blocks of grease fittings.  Safety regulations prohibit manual greasing during operation, so many of these points are starved for grease, waiting for a shutdown.  These automatic oil and grease systems mean fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs.