Truck Chassis

Truck Chassis Lubrication

The fifth-wheels, kingpins, pivot points, drag links, spring shackles and other chassis components on over-the-road tractors and distribution center yard hustlers take a beating, and they operate continuously in all weather and road conditions.

Unfortunately, most of these trucks only get thorough lubrication at timed or route-determined intervals that can leave chassis components unprotected for substantial periods.  These components have a very small capaciat to hold and maintain grease within the bearing surfaces.  So, the grease delivered at each maintenance cycle is typically used up well before the truck comes back into the shop.

The Simpson Truck Chassis automatic lube system uses the AC3 24Vdc, multi-port grease pump with a variety of injector sizes to match grease delivery with each component’s needs.  This ensures that each lube point gets grease regularly, anytime the truck is in operation.  The result is longer component life and lower replacement costs.  Maintenance intervals for routine lubrication can be extended.

This system is in use in major fleets across the country, including UPS, Frito Lay, XPO and others.  It is also used by heavy equipment operators, municipalities, cement companies, waste truck operators and others.