Single-Point Lubrication

The Perma brand stands above all others as the most reliable and effective single-point lubricators (SPL) available.  Perma is the world’s largest SPL manufacturer, with products serving every major industry on all continents.

Most bearings on machine rolls have been traditionally lubricated manually.  Much of today’s plant machinery is heavily guarded, and manual PM lubrication is often scheduled during infrequent shutdowns.  This creates a too-much/too-little situation for the bearing.  By the time the next manual lube cycle comes around, critical bearings can be relatively dry, and water and grit are allowed to intrude into bearing surfaces.

The premature wear and subsequent failure of bearings can be dramatically reduced by simply giving each bearing what it needs:  the right grease, in the right quantity, in the right frequencies … i.e, while the machine is operating.

Single-point lubricators can be remotely mounted with sturdy delivery lines leading to each bearing; or, they can be mounted directly to the bearing.  Units can deliver quantities from as little as 30cc up to 250cc, over periods up to a year or longer.  With simple programming, the unit can be set to discharge fully in 1 to 12 months.  This flexibility and control enables maintenance staff to customikze grease delivery to every component in the mill.  Walking PM routes can now simply observe the gradually discharging units, even in hard-to-access locations.

The choice of grease is controlled by the end-user, with the availability of hundreds of products from popular lubrication companies.  These reliable units can discharge viscosities ranging from lightweight oil through NLGI grade 2 grease.

Perma single-point lubricators are the perfect solution to improving reliability and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.