Perma single-point lubricators are the most reliable and effective way of delivering needed lubrication in small but continual quantities to critical bearings and other components.  These robust units are battery-operated and user-programmable to insure that every grease point gets exactly what it needs to avoid premature wear.

Compact grease reservoirs, user-programmable discharge and interval settings, plus a wide variety of injector sizes make these versatile multi-point pumps an ideal lube solution where multiple components and grease points are located within a contiguous area.

Reliable and effective chain, sprocket and track lubrication requires precise control of oil or an air/oil mixture.  Simpson has designed, built and installed central reservoir, process-line automatic oiling systems for over two decades.

Simpson is the leading supplier of automatic greasing systems for the pelleting industry.  Processors of both feed and wood pellets depend on the Simpson Autolube system to protect vital components in pellet mills.

Simpson’s automatic grease delivery system for carpet tufting machines gives small, steady and precise amounts of grease to every shaft bearing and drag link on the machine.  Hi-definition, color touchscreen controller allows ultra-fine delivery to every point.

Chassis components such as fifth-wheels, kingpins, drag links and spring shackles are under constant wear in all weather and road conditions.  Even regular manual PM lubrication is not enough to keep sufficient grease inside all these wearable surfaces.  Automatic chassis lube systems can maintain fresh grease in and on every critical chassis component.

All of the rotating, pivoting and sliding components in weaving looms don’t typically receive sufficient lubrication to avoid premature and unnecessary wear between PM cycles and overhauls.  Expensive component replacement cost and downtime can be minimized with Simpson loom lubrication systems.