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Paper & Pulp

From the woodyard all the way through final processing, the equipment in pulp and paper mills is subjected to harsh operational conditions.  Much of the process-line machinery carries its own onboard pressurized oil system, but most of the roller bearings and electric motors have individual grease fittings.

As in every industry, much of this equipment is thoroughly guarded, making effective manual lubrication all but impossible.  Most bearings and motors are large, some requiring high quantities of grease in frequent doses.  This lubrication simply must be delivered in small quantities, almost continuously, over time, while the component is operating.  Anything other than automatic lubrication of these bearings and motors means either too much, too little, too late, or a combination of all three.

Simpson is a leading distributor for Perma USA, an international company based in Germany that is the world’s leading manufacturer of single-point, electro-mechanical lubricators.  These unobtrusive units can be mounted remotely or directly onto the bearing or motor and can be programmed by the end-user to deliver exactly the amount of grease needed per the component manufacturer’s recommendations.  These durable units operate reliably inside or outside the plant, through a wide range of temperature, and even in wet areas.  The bearing grease fitting is protected from contamination, and the unit can continuously push enough grease through the bearing so that water, chemicals and abrasive grit can’t intrude.  These economical and industry-proven units are easily programmed, installed and replaced as needed.