Multi-Point Lubrication

In those circumstances where a number of component grease points are located within a contiguous area, a single small reservoir and pump with multiple delivery lines can be an ideal solution.

Our Interlube AX3 and AC3 series consists of a durable translucent 3-liter reservoir with from 12 to 60 possible delivery points.  Each lubrication point is served by its own individual line, via a dedicated pumping unit.  The system is capable of handling SAE 80/90 oil up to NLGI grade 2 grease.  Delivery lines are typically 4mm OD semi-rigid black nylon tubing, UV-stabilized and rated to 140 bar.  Individual pumping units on a multi-line system ensures that any accidental line breakage affects only one lubrication point, and not the complete system.

Color-coded pumping units are available in six (6) different output sizes; and, the pump itself has a wide range of discharge/interval time settings.  This variability allows a single AX3 or AC3 system to serve a number of contiguous bearings of various sizes and lube requirements.  The 3-liter, corrosion-proof reservoir is easily refillable by the end-user.  All controls are fully self-contained, and power supply can be tied to a process line run signal so that the pump delivers only when equipment is in operation.