Chain & Track

Chain & Track

Chains, tracks and sprockets require constant attention to lubrication.  In many industries, chains operate in extreme conditions.  Most chains fail prematurely due to inadequate lubrication.

Frequently, attempts at lubricating chains during operation don’t manage to get the lubricant where it is most needed … inside the pin/bushing/roller within each chain link. A visible coating of grease or oil on the outside of the chain may look good, but this doesn’t always address the primary wear areas inside the link.

Additionally, many chains run inside metal tracks that restrain the chain as it encounters heavy side loading. These conveying systems require the placement of lubricant into all of the wear surfaces in order to minimize damage due to a dry-running chain.

Once a chain begins to wear from the inside, it stretches or even kinks or overruns. To be effective, any chain lubrication method needs to get the lubricant inside the pin and roller to remove contaminants and displace any water that might be trapped inside.  Additionally, the lubricant needs to coat the outside surfaces of each link so that wear between the sprocket and chain is minimized.

Simpson’s experience in lubricating chains, tracks and sprockets in the carpet industry extends over 25 years. We can design, build and install a range of chain lubricating systems for any industry.