Central Reservoir

Central Reservoir Systems

Over the past 25 years, Simpson has designed, built and installed automatic oiling systems on carpet industry finishing equipment.  This equipment consists of heavy tenter chains running in metal tracks with heavy side-loading.  The stress on these chain links is such that any interruption of continuous and liberal amounts of a special high-temperature oil means immediate destructive wear on a very expensive set of components.  Simpson’s Tenter Track/Chain oiling system is designed to automatically and continuously apply oil to every link in the chain.  Keeping the track and chain always slightly wet with oil dramatically extends the life of this critical equipment.

Each chain link in a carpet finishing range has a pin plate attached which holds the selvage edges under sidewise tension as the product progresses through a long curing oven.  Adhesives used in this process can build up on tenter pin plates causing off-quality and downtime.  Simpson’s Pin Plate oil system sprays a uniform film of oil on every pin plate and simply denies the adhesive a surface on which to stick and build up.  These pin plate systems have contributed immeasurably to workplace safety, plant uptime and quality.

With new generation, state-of-the-art controls, Simpson’s DuaLube Chain & PinPlate oil system can do the work of two individual systems with one controller.  This modern, color touchscreen, dual-system PLC/display now controls both the tenter and pinplate oiling systems.  Password-protected controls and tamper-proof regulators mean that maintenance management can fine tune the amount of oil needed on both systems and eliminate the worry of unauthorized adjustments that may leave the track and chain or the pinplates unprotected.