Autolube Pellet Mill Grease System

For over two decades, Simson has been the nation’s leading producer of high-quality, automated grease systems for feed and wood pellet mills.  The Simpson Autolube system features state-of-the-art controls, pumps and metering valves to insure that the critical grease points on all brands of industrial pellet mills receive exactly the lubrication needed.

Sophisticated, but easy-to-maintain Autolube components deliver grease continuously, in small quantities, while the mill is running, rather than in large irregular doses at varying intervals.  Grease is automatically pumped from drums or totes, reducing waste and contamination, plus improving housekeeping and safety.

Fully functional, user-friendly, multi-color touch screen display shows control room personnel exactly when grease is being delivered.  Any disruption is clearly announced on the control panel and attached alarm strobe.  Interval times between discharge cycles are fully adjustable via password protection by qualified mill personnel to fine-tune grease delivery and match the individual grease requirements of each pellet mill.

The Simpson Autolube system has been proven as the gold standard for industrial pellet mills for over 20 years.  Over 200 Autolube systems installed in the field are operated daily by every major manufacturer and processor in the feed and wood pelleting industries.  Our customers agree that these systems pay for themselves many times over in fewer costly roll assembly failures, reduced maintenance and operational labor costs, improved safety and more effective use of lubrication dollars.