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Specializing in Automatic Lubrication Systems

Simpson Machinery is a 25-year old company whose exclusive focus is automatic lubrication. Since 1992, we have designed, built and installed a variety of process-line automatic lube systems for both oil and grease. Very importantly, we are also one of a limited number of national distributors for Perma USA, the world’s largest manufacturer of single-point lubrication devices for individual bearings on conveying systems, motors, pumps and fans, and a variety of other industrial components. We are active in the textile and pulp/paper industries, as well as electric power generating plants and other industries. Simpson is also the largest US supplier of automatic lubrication systems for the wood and feed pelleting industry.

Automatic lubrication is the only economical way to guarantee that critical bearings and motors get the correct grease in the right amounts, while the component is in operation. Typical manual lubrication is done infrequently, during shutdown periods, when machinery is stopped. This creates an unavoidable cycle of “too-much/too-little” lubrication as quantities of grease are forced into an idle component during shutdown, followed by long periods of runtime with little or no lubrication.

The goal of automatic lubrication is to allow every component to reach its full rated service life. Manual lubrication simply can’t achieve this result. The payback for the very reasonable investment in automatic lubrication equipment comes from

· Reduction in unscheduled downtime and component replacement.

· Reduction in maintenance costs associated with manual lubrication efforts.

· Longer intervals between maintenance and replacement cycles.

· Enhanced safety from fewer staff exposures to hazardous areas for manual lubrication.

· Elimination of contamination from abrasive grit and dust routinely pushed into bearings during manual lubrication.

Simpson Machinery requests the opportunity of visiting with you personally to discuss your lubrication priorities and problem areas. We are prepared to make recommendations and propose solutions using a variety of products and systems that will fit your needs. Thanks for your consideration.

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