Automatic Lubrication

Improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs and premature wear on critical components.  Gives every bearing and motor the right grease or oil, in the right quantity at the right time … while the component is running.

Plant Reliability

Bearings and electric motors in many industries, including power plants, paper and pulp mills, mines and quarries, and textile plants operate in hot, wet, dirty conditions where insufficient or poorly timed lubrication can accelerate wear and cause premature component failure.

Best Practices

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of automatic lubrication as the only reliable way to protect critical equipment.  Machines guards, safety requirements, reduced maintenance staffs, and 24/7 run schedules can make manual lubrication ineffective or impossible.

Our Company

Simpson Machinery is a 25-year old company whose exclusive focus is automatic lubrication. Since 1992, we have designed, built and installed a variety of process-line automatic lube systems for both oil and grease. Very importantly, we are also one of a limited number of national distributors for Perma USA, the world’s largest manufacturer of single-point lubrication devices for individual bearings on conveying systems, motors, pumps and fans, and a variety of other industrial components. We are active in the textile and pulp/paper industries, as well as electric power generating plants and other industries. Simpson is also the largest US supplier of automatic lubrication systems for the wood and feed pelleting industry.